Figure 4 Modular enables Midwest Prototyping to deliver same-day parts to customers

Scalable solution for same-day prototyping and direct 3D production

Figure 4 Modular is a scalable, semi-automated 3D production solution that grows with your business, enabling capacity to meet your present and future needs, up to 10,000 parts per month, for unprecedented manufacturing agility. With expandable capacity up to 24 print engines, automated job management and queuing, automated material delivery, and centralized post-processing, Figure 4 Modular’s end-to-end digital manufacturing workflow is ideal for low to mid volume production and bridge manufacturing. In addition, each printer can run different materials and different jobs as part of a single high throughput line serving a multitude of parts being produced.

Fast Turnaround
Achieve same-day functional prototyping iteration and low-volume production with ultra-high print speeds. New designs can be delivered in short time frames to maintain momentum throughout development.

  • Области применения

    • Rapid functional prototyping
    • Low volume bridge manufacturing 
    • Casting patterns
    • Elastomeric parts
  • Features:

    • Automated material handling
    • Individual printer modules can be dedicated to individual materials
    • Centralized post-processing (cleaning, drying, curing)
  • Benefits:

    • Six Sigma quality and repeatability
    • High throughput and productivity
    • Same day print and ship
    • Rapidly expand capacity

*Throughput improvement compared other 3D printing systems based on various use cases on Figure 4 models; parts cost compared to traditionally manufactured parts and operations.

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