• Impact-resistant, durable prints
    • Engine housings and other protective covers
    • Large parts produced in one single piece
    • Knobs, handles and other dashboard/interior parts
    • Jigs and fixtures
    • Reduced weight production parts
    • Machinery components
    • Lightweight duct work
    • Small to medium run manufacturing
    • Healthcare device and tools manufacturing

    • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology
    • Max build envelope capacity
      (W x D x H) 22 x 22 x 30 in
      (550 x 550 x 750 mm)
    • Broad range of DuraForm® engineered plastic, composite and elastomer materials
    • High throughput, high-capacity printer
    • Automated 3D part nesting
    • Open material architecture – flexible print parameters

    • Manufacture strong end-use parts and functional prototypes faster
    • Easily print any design without using supports or post processing
    • Integrated printer and material solution with expert application support
    • Lower cost of ownership with high throughput and capacity
    • Superior living hinges, snap fit and other mechanical joints

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Selective Laser Sintering

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