Enter the 3D Digital Workspace

  • Sense connects the digital and physical worlds like never before, giving you immediate access to scans of physical objects in the digital space, with accompanying software to create a 'watertight' 3D model. 3D Systems Geomagic also delivers other more advanced scan processing and design software and we invite you to check out Geomagic Sculpt, Geomagic Wrap and Geomagic Design for your 3D engineering needs.

Powered by Intel RealSense

  • The Sense 2 is the first USB-powered handheld scanner to use the very latest short-range scanning technology from Intel, the RealSense SR300 3D camera. Using HD color cameras and a highly-sensitive infrared projector, the RealSense technology allows a closer scan range and higher resolution than previous generation devices.

Runs on Windows 8 and 10

  • The Sense Scanner supports Windows 8 and 10 for intuitive, ease-of-use, and seemless integration with other Geomagic products.

Practical and User Friendly

  • The Sense scanner is lightweight and easy to maneuver making your scanning process simple and streamlined.

Expansive Scan Volume

  • With a generous scan volume, Sense makes scanning objects easy and efficient regardless of size.

Unique Scan-Processing Software

  • Sense integrates with the industry-leading Geomagic scan-to-3D software tools