3D Systems is honored to collaborate with some of the most innovative culinarians in the field, working together to experiment, learn and co-create, utilizing 3D printing and design technology powered by the ChefJet Pro. Together with our partners we have explored bespoke cocktail garnishes, custom floral components for an intricate seasonal dessert, and innovative methods of incorporating an additional element of savory flavor and structure into an entree.

Each collaboration opens new doors of discovery for the capabilities within 3D printing food and serves as an opportunity for culinary artists to experience this powerful tool firsthand. Future collaborations will take place at the 3DS Culinary Lab launching Summer 2015.

Culinary Institute of America

The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), the country's preeminent culinary educational institution, has partnered with 3D Systems to explore the intersection of 3D printed food and traditional artisan culinary methods. Beginning with the creation of an exploratory 3D food lab at their Hyde Park campus utilizing the ChefJet Pro 3D food printer, the partnership will also include the development of a series of conferences and seminars for the CIA community as well as fellowship and internship programs at the 3DS Culinary Lab in Los Angeles.

Mei Lin

The winner of Bravo's Top Chef Season 12, Mei Lin partnered with 3D Systems to create a 3D printed component to an intricate dessert creation based entirely on the flavors of Hawaii and inspired by the beauty of a passion fruit flower.

The dish contained cylinders of passion fruit curd, caramelized banana crème anglaise chilled to a gelato consistency by liquid nitrogen, freeze dried strawberry powder, bee pollen crumble, toasted yogurt, and sliced fresh bananas and strawberries. A delicate, perforated 3D printed interpretation of the passion fruit flower, flavored with actual passion fruit, crowned each plating. Mei invited guests to shatter the delicate sugar passion fruit flower with their spoons to incorporated the flavor and texture of the piece into each bite.

Modernist Cuisine

3D Systems was honored to partner with Modernist Cuisine on the creation of the final course in a 50-course dinner for Spain's renowned Ferran Adria. This final course consisted of an absinthe service featuring 3D printed "sugar cubes" and custom 3D printed ceramic absinthe spoons. Designed with Chef Adria's Barcelona roots in mind, the traditional sugar cube is transformed into whimsical, vividly colorful structures reminiscent of Gaudi's iconic Barcelona chimneys. The custom ceramic absinthe spoons were also co-designed especially for this service. 3D printed in ceramic, each spoon features prongs that interlock perfectly with the geometry of a delicate sugar chimney, cradling it in place during service.

Josiah Citrin, Mélisse Restaurant

Chef and Co-owner of Mélisse, the 2-Michelin star restaurant in Santa Monica, Josiah Citrin and Chef de Cuisine Ken Takayama partnered with 3D Systems to collaborate on the creation of a savory dish. Chef Citrin was especially interested in utilizing the technology to add a specific layer of flavor to a dish in an unexpected way and opted to create an innovate twist on a classic--French Onion soup.

The 3D printed form plays on the traditional crouton component of the dish and was printed using an aromatic onion powder. Chef Citrin placed a small boule of onion petal-wrapped burrata within the interior of the printed 'crouton' and garnished it with chive blossoms, chive and a single tempura onion sliver. Oxtail broth was then poured over the dish, table-side, transforming the rich beef consommé into an incredible interpretation of a classic French onion soup.

Matthew Biancaniello, Eat Your Drink

Matthew Biancaniello, known within the industry as the "Cocktail Chef" and former mixologist of the Roosevelt Hotel's Liberty Bar, will release his first cookbook - Eat Your Drink - this fall. With beverage concepts that rely heavily upon seasonal farmers market produce and locally foraged natural ingredients, Matthew's cocktail creations lean heavily towards the savory. For his collaboration with 3D Systems he chose to create a cocktail that intricately balanced the flavors of dried candy cap mushrooms, bergamot and chamomile -infused tequila, kiwi foam and fresh squeezed lemon juice. The 3D printed component of the creation took the form of a sculptural cluster of acorn-shaped bud vases which held a miniature display of chamomile blooms and sprigs of currents at the edge of the glass.

Duff Goldman, Charm City Cakes

Chef Duff Goldman’s Ace of Cakes was the original Food Network cake reality show. Duff can still be found on the Food Network on his new show Duff Till Dawn, and as host of Sugar High. When he first reached out to the 3DS Culinary Lab Duff was already experimenting with 3D scanning brides and grooms for their own cakes! Together we decided to design a muli-tiered cake that would evoke the traditional silhouette of a wedding cake—but be anything but traditional. Sharp, complex geometric designs support and decorate each tier while creating a totally unique take on a culinary mainstay.